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BEHAVIOR AND EDUCATION SUPPORT SERVICES is dedicated to improving the lives of children and adolescents with Autism and other Developmental Delays through the use of Applied Behavior Analysis and an Analysis of Verbal Behavior.  Our custom tailored approach will provide your child with a comprehensive program based on an assessment of your child and your child's and family's needs.  We design our programs with the input of family members and with a view to your child's natural daily setting.  All programs include the use of ABA principles with an emphasis on the collection and analysis of data.  We focus on all aspects of your child's life - the educational environment, home-life, and in the community.

We accept the following insurances:

  • Independence Administrators

  • AmeriHealth Administrators

  • BlueCross BlueShield

  • ComPsych

  • Cigna

  • UnitedHealthcare

  • Aetna

  • Medical Assistance for Bucks and Montgomery Counties


At BEHAVIOR AND EDUCATION SUPPORT SERVICES, we really care. So many families struggle trying to adapt their environments and connect with the child they know is inside.  We understand.  It is our goal to make a difference in the lives of every child and family.  With our experienced, patient and caring staff, we work together as a team to make a positive impact for your family.


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the science of studying behavior and applying data and research supported​ techniques to increase or decrease behavior that is meaningful to the individual and their social environment.


Problem Behavior is carefully analyzed to determine the function.  Interventions are then created to decrease motivation to engage in problem behavior, teach alternative behavior that competes with problem behavior, assure that problem behavior does not contact reinforcement and that the appropriate behavior does contact reinforcement.  It will also include a data collection system, training of staff and family who have contact with the student, and include emergency procedures when needed.


Commonly thought of as self-help skills, ADLS help individuals lead a more independent life.  Sample skills include toileting, dressing, bathing, household chores, and preparing and consuming food.


Verbal Behavior (VB) involves social interaction between a speaker and a listener.  It is based on the function of language and is used to help children develop effective language skills.  The operants (functions of language) include: mands (requesting), tacts (labeling), intraverbals (answering questions) and echoics (repeating), with each area serving a different function.


Also known as Discrete Trial Training, IT has received wide support in pear reviewed literature.  Intensive teaching is the is of a systematic set of researched based teaching procedures that target language development across the verbal operants based on Skinner's Analysis.  The operants targeted here are listener response (following instructions), tact (labeling), intraverbals (answering questions), motor imitation, visual perceptual, and echoic skills.


Manding is a critical communication skill that results in direct improvements for the speaker.  Mands are commonly thought of as results.  There are several types of mands including in-sight items, actions, missing items, attention, information, and manding with peers.  Mands are essential in empowering individuals in seeking out their wants and needs.



  • Home ABA/VB Programs

  • School ABA/VB Programs

  • Inclusion

  • Functional Behavior Analysis

  • Positive Behavior Support Plan

  • Independent Evaluations

  • Training (Staff and Parent)

  • IEP/IFSP Development

  • Communication Skills

  • Data Analysis

  • Intensive Teaching

  • Mand Training

  • Natural Environment Teaching

  • Social Skills

  • Activities of Daily Living

  • Play and Leisure Skills

  • Community Based Instruction

  • Job Skills


A little boy walked carefully

along a crowded beach

where starfish by the hundreds

lay there within his reach.

They washed up with each rippling wave

as far as the eye could see

And each starfish was sure to die

if they were not sent back to sea.

So one by one, he rescued them, 

then heard a stranger call,

"It won't really make a difference...

for you cannot save them all"

But as he tossed yet another one

back toward the ocean's setting sun

He answered with deep compassion,

"I made a difference

for that one!"


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